TETA is an Entrepreneur focused training academy for passionate and young Africans interested in pursuing a career in software development, ML & AI with a mindset geared towards creating innovating solutions to solve indigenous and international problems.

Fullstack Immersive

Our Fullstack Engineering Immersive program is responsive to industry demands, You'll start your cohort with a group of peers and work with them all day, every day for 16 weeks. You'll complete group projects and do pair programming daily, working as a team. It's like joining an engineering team from day one.

Accelerated Product Design

Our Accelerated product design path will take you through the basic principles of design in order to ensure you have a solid foundation to build your knowledge and skills on. The course will focus on elements used in web and mobile UI design and how these elements affect the users the interfaces are designed for.

Technical Project Management

Our Technical Project Management Programme is an ideal starting point if you need to manage software projects Plan their architecture and lifecycle, estimate deadlines, burndown and increase developer productivity while not necessarily being a formally trained project manager. These skills can help you always deliver efficient software on-time and on-track.

Reactive Learning

TETA is a project based Software development training bootcamp, inclusive our mentorship resource, our teaching methodology is completely project centered. Our Students grow through increasingly difficult project capstones where students naturally learn to solve problems and work together and to help each other.

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Are you the one ?

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are passionate about technology, and interested in creating a solution for a problem using the experience they acquire from our training program. Have you ever dabbled with technology? are amazed at how much the web connects people together?

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